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Latest product

  • Plain Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

    Plain weave stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel wire cloth, square weave wire mesh

  • Pure Copper Wire Mesh

    Red copper wire mesh, pure copper wire cloth, plain weave copper wire mesh, square weave wire mesh

  • Plain Crimped Wire Mesh

    Plain crimped wire mesh, square or rectangular hole wire screen, pre-crimped wire mesh sheets, vibrating screen panels

  • Stainless Steel Knitted Wire Mesh

    Stainless steel knitted wire mesh, knitted wire mesh tube, shielding knitted wire mesh, 304 stainless steel knitted mesh tape

  • Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh

    Phosphor bronze wire mesh, phosphor bronze wire cloth, plain weave wire mesh, twilled weave wire mesh

  • Brass Wire Mesh

    Brass wire mesh, it is also called brass wire cloth and brass wire fabric, plain weave, twilled weave, square weave

  • Copper Knitted Wire Mesh

    Copper knitted wire mesh, brass knitted wire mesh tube, phosphopr bronze knitted wire mesh tape, shielding kintted wire mesh

  • Aluminum Knitted Wire Mesh

    Aluminum knitted wire mesh, knitted wire mesh tube, flat knitted wire mesh tape, shielding knitted wire mesh gaskets

  • Monel Knitted Wire Mesh

    Monel knitted wire mesh, knitted wire mesh gaskets, knitted wire mesh tube, knitted shielding mesh tape

  • PP Knitted Wire Mesh

    PP knitted wire mesh, polypropylene (PP) or polythene (PE) that the non-metal wire as raw material, knitted wire mesh tube, wire mesh demister pads

  • Slot Hole Crimped Wire Mesh

    Slot hole crimped wire mesh, pre-crimped wire screen panels, vibrating screen sheets

  • H-Type Pre-crimped Wire and Rod Combination Mesh

    H-Type pre-crimped wire and rod architectural mesh (HPR mesh) also known as pre-crimped wires screen panels and facade mesh panels, it is widely used in facade and wall applications.

  • F-Type Pre-crimped Wire Decorative Mesh

    F-Type pre-crimped wire decorative mesh also known as pre-crimped wire screen and crimped decorative screen panels, it is made of single or multiple pre-crimped wire (warp wire ) and flat top wire (weft wire)

  • Flat Wire Decorative Metal Mesh

    Flat wire decorative metal mesh is produced by special weaving machine by flat wire, the opening is square or rectangular shape, and flat wire create a large smooth surface, that can reduce the transp...

  • S-Type Spiral Mesh Curtain

    The S-Type spiral mesh curtain is also known as coil drapery mesh and pre-coiled spiral wire mesh, it is produced by special weaving machine by pre-coiled spiral wire

  • Nickel Wire Mesh

    Nickel wire mesh also known as nickel wire cloth, monel wire mesh fabric and square weave wire nickel screen, it is widely used in fuel cell technology flied

  • D-Type Metallic Cloth Curtain

    D-Type Metallic Cloth Curtain is also known as metal mesh fabric, decoratve gold metallic mesh fabric and metal curtain mesh, commonly used as ceilings or curtain wall

  • X-Type Cable Mesh

    X-Type cable mesh is also known as flexible rope mesh, wire rope ferruled mesh, rhombus mesh, x tend mesh, use stainless steel wire as raw material, produced into 7 x 7 (or 7 x 19) wire rope, then joined with stainless steel ferrules constructed a rhombus mesh

  • H-Type Cable and Rod Combination Mesh

    H-Type mesh cable and rod combination mesh (HCR mesh), facade mesh

  • Aluminum Wire Mesh

    Aluminum wire mesh, bright aluminum wire screen, square weave wire mesh, sliver-white color surface, window screen, insect screen