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Brass Wire Mesh

Brass wire mesh, it is also called brass wire cloth and brass wire fabric, plain weave, twilled weave, square weave

Brass wire mesh is produced in plain weave or twilled weave, it is also called brass wire cloth and brass wire fabric. Brass is an non-ferrous metal alloy made of copper and zinc, the zinc can increases abrasion resistance and allows for higher tensile strength. With the features, the brass wire mesh are widely used in the filtration and separation industries.

Brass wire mesh is a kind of bright and decorative metal mesh, its unique golden yellow color make it often used in architectural and decorative industries.

WEB WIRE MESH can offer brass wire mesh in the standard specifications, apertures range from 0.077 mm to 4 mm, while wire diameters range from 0.05 mm to 0.7 mm, and the manufactured width between 0.914 m and 1.22 m. The standard materials are grade 65/35 or grade 70/30 brass wire.


Flat surface and flexible wire cloth

Good corrosion resistance

High abrasion resistance and tensile strength

Wire diameter and mesh with ratio reasonable, weave structure is very strong

Brass wire mesh has unique golden yellow color, bright and beautiful

Brass wire mesh materials


Brass wire mesh is comprised of copper and zinc, it is available in three different wire materials:

C28000 (CuZn37) brass wire

C27000 (CuZn35) brass wire

C26000 (CuZn30) brass wire


Usage of brass wire mesh includes:

In the architectural & decorative industries, for the screen of cabinet, window, door and interior wall.

In the EMI & RFI shielding industries, for screen room, shielded enclosures and faraday cage.

In the filtration and separation industries, for SPL filter discs and pleated filter.

In the petrochemical & chemical industries, for cylinder mold of paper making.

In battery industries, as an current collectors part of fuel cells.

Brass wire mesh rolls

Roll length: standard size is 30 m in length. And also can cut to requested size as customers’ requirement.

Roll width 0.914 m, 1 m 1.22 m, 1.5 m to 2 m

Other rolls size on request

Weave type

plain weave      twilled weave

Technical parameter

Brass wire mesh data sheets

When ordering or requesting a quote for brass wire mesh, please specify:

Number of length 30 m for 1 m wide rolls or size required

Mesh eg. 60 mesh

Diameter of wire eg. 0.15 mm

Aperture eg. 0.27 mm

Material eg. Grade CuZn35 brass

Standard & Compare

20 mesh brass wire mesh      22 mesh brass wire mesh        30 mesh brass wire mesh

20 mesh brass wire mesh                 22 mesh brass wire mesh                  30 mesh brass wire mesh

60 mesh brass wire mesh        80 mesh brass wire mesh

60 mesh brass wire mesh                 80 mesh brass wire mesh