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MRI Shielding Room

The woven wire mesh can be the main material to install high performance faraday cages to shield medical rooms, the common products are stainless steel wire mesh, copper wire mesh

The woven wire mesh can be the main material to install high performance faraday cages to shield medical rooms.

Now, with the development of medical technology, many high field MRI scanners have been introduced in more hospitals, MRI equipment is producing increasingly high noise levels, the patient comfort, patient technician communication and staff working efficiency is affected by these equipments noise levels.

During the scanning process, the patient is located at the center of the equipment, radio frequency emitted from the working scanners. The patient is influenced by noise is short time, while the  long term noise have a serious effects on the technicians and other staff.

Accordingly, shielding screen faraday cage is required in many MRI installations.


Stainless steel wire mesh

Copper wire mesh