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Cable Wrapped Shielding Mesh

Knitted wire mesh is widely used for cable wrapped mesh, the commomly products are stainless steel knitted wire, monel knitted wire mesh

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) can lead to data loss, shielding protect cable, reduces its impact on signals and also lowers electromagnetic radiation. Shielding prevents crosstalk between cables near each other.

Knitted mesh can be made into a two-layer flattened cylinder tape, designed to be wrapped helically around cables. The tape may allow a cable to be threaded through or for a higher level of shielding the tape can be wound on spirally half overlapping, recommended overlap 50%. Typically available in 1”and 2” widths.


High shielding performance

Double-layer knitted wire mesh

Easily wrapped around cable harnesses


Stainless steel knitted wire mesh

Monel knitted wire mesh

Nickel wire mesh tape

Copper knitted Wire Mesh tape