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Mufflers and Silencers

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As we know that the noise is unpleasant, it reduces productivity and may even promote hearing loss. It is proved that knitted wire mesh mufflers and silencers offer enough surfaces that effectively trapping sound inside of the element, ideal for automotive, marine, recreation vehicles and small gasoline engine-powered equipment, pneumatic tool etc.

Knitted wire mesh has the ability to absorb sound. When the sound hits the mesh element, the sound energy is absorbed into the wire structure making the wire vibrate and thus absorbing harmful sound energy. In fact, the open space in a mesh part can be controlled within a range of 30% to 97%. These two features are extremely important in noise reduction, since the extent of surface area and air flow resistance are both critical factors.


The knitted wire mesh materials are used for mufflers and silencers including stainless steel 304 and 316, 316L


Lightweight, easy to install

Resistant to high temperatures, cryogenics and corrosion

Wide range of material selections

Low pressure-drop to noise-reduction ratio

Adaptable to a wide range of design configurations