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Nickel Wire Mesh

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Nickel wire mesh/cloth is produced in plain weave. The wire mesh fabric is manufactured by weaving machines as mesh rolls, after 13 whole weaving process, the mesh surface flatness would be better. Nickel wire cloth is most commonly used in fuel cell technology flied.

Nickel and nickel alloy oxidizes slowly under room temperature, an oxide layer forms on the surface and prevents further corrosion, the nickel takes excellent corrosion resistance to alkaline and neutral solution such as carbonate, chloride, nitrate solution and fatty acid, its property is also stable in air, fresh water and sea water.

WEB WIRE MESH can offer nickel wire mesh in the standard specifications, the opening sizes range from 0.077 mm to 1.12 mm, while wire diameters range from 0.04 mm to 0.5 mm, and the manufactured widths are between 0.914 m and 1.22 m. The wire mesh is commonly constructed with materials of Grade nickel 200/201 or Grade Monel 400.


Nickel mesh has excellent corrosion resistance to acid and alkali

Good electrical conductivity and high heat-transfer properties

Greater resistant to oxidation than copper

Wear-resistant and firm in structure

Best used for corrosive and high temperature applications


Nickel woven mesh is available in three different series of wire materials: 

Pure nickel series: Nickel 200 (EN 2.4060), Nickel 201 (EN 2.4061), Nickel 270 (EN 2.4050)

Nickel alloy series: Cr20Ni80 (EN 2.4869)

Super alloy series: Monel 400 (EN 2.4360), Inconel 600 (EN 2.4816)


Usage of nickel wire mesh fabric includes:

In the EMI & RFI shielding industries, for shielded room and faraday cage.

In battery industries, as an electrode substrates or current collectors part of fuel cells.

In filtration and separation industries, for filters in sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid environment.

In water treatment industries, for sea-water exchange and evaporator

In nuclear industries, used in the manufacture of uranium enrichment isotope separation equipment.

Nickel wire cloth rolls

Roll length: standard size is 30 m in length. And also can cut to requested size as customers’ requirement.

Roll width 0.914 m, 1 m, 1.22 m and 1.5 m

Other rolls size on request

Weave type

plain weave

When ordering or requesting a quote for nickel wire mesh, please specify:

Number of length 30 m for 1 m wide rolls or size required

Mesh eg. 40 mesh

Diameter of wire eg. 0.19 mm

Aperture eg. 0.45 mm

Material eg. Grade nickel 200

Monel® and Inconel® is registered trademark names of International Nickel Co INCO

Standard & Compare

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