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What are the Application of wire mesh

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Common wire mesh applications are:

In the architectural & decorative industries, for the screen of window, door, fireplace and ceiling,facade etc.

In the EMI & RFI shielding industries, for shielded room, enclosure box, faraday cage and laboratory shielded testing.

In the water, oil & gas industries, for the raw material of filter element.

In the petrochemical & chemical industries, for test sieve and structured packing.

In battery industries, as an electrode substrates or current collectors part of fuel cells.

In the filtration and separation industries, for manufacturing filter discs, drum filters, leaf filters and cartridge filters.

In the automobile industries, for airbags, anti vibration and mufflers & silencers.

In the agricultural & food industries, for barbecue grills and pig raising screens.

In the mining & aggregate industries, for vibrating machine