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Material Types of Wire Mesh

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Wire mesh, also known as wire cloth or wire netting, is a versatile metal product that can be used effectively in countless applications globally.


Our wire mesh material types include

Stainless steel wire mesh

Copper wire mesh

Brass wire mesh

Phosphor bronze wire mesh

Aluminum wire mesh

Nickel wire mesh

Monel wire mesh

stainless steel mesh.jpg 

Stainless steel wire mesh is a form of woven mesh produced on loom, stainless steel wires are woven together to create wire mesh in different patterns, such as plain weave, twilled weave and dutch weave. Stainless steel wire mesh is an extremely versatile metal product that can be effectively used for many applications from processing to filtration.

copper mesh.jpg 

Copper wire mesh (also known as copper wire cloth) is produced in plain weave, it is a kind of soft, malleable and ductile metal mesh, and has high thermal and electrical conductivity. (Depending on) the features, copper wire mesh are the commonly use wire mesh in the EMI and RFI shielding industries.


Brass wire mesh is also called brass wire cloth and brass wire fabric. Brass is an non-ferrous metal alloy made of copper and zinc, the zinc can increases abrasion resistance and allows for higher tensile strength. With the features, the brass wire mesh are widely used in the filtration and separation industries.

brass mesh.jpg 

Phosphor bronze mesh is made of copper, zinc, tin and phosphorous, the tin provides the corrosion resistance and strength, and phosphorus can increase the wear resistance. With the features, phosphor bronze wire mesh is commonly used in filtration and separation applications.


Aluminum wire mesh, also known as bright aluminum wire screen, the screen is produced on looms as mesh rolls, it is a kind of square weave wire mesh. For its sliver-white color surface, aluminum wire mesh is the most proper material used for windows and doors applications.


Nickel wire mesh is produced in plain weave. The wire mesh fabric is manufactured by weaving machines as mesh rolls, after 13 whole weaving process, the mesh surface flatness would be better. Nickel wire cloth is most commonly used in fuel cell technology flied.