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What is difference of woven,crimped and knitted wire mesh

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Have you ever wondered about the differences between woven,crimped and knitted wire mesh? A lot of people find themselves confused when confronted with which product they need.


Woven wire mesh

Woven wire mesh is produced of weaving by the process, that is, by passing wires alternately over and under each other. There are four common types of woven wire mesh

Plain Weave Wire Mesh                  Twill Weave Wire Mesh   

Plain Dutch Weave Wire Mesh      Twill Dutch Weave Wire Mesh

woven mesh 1.jpg 

Crimped wire mesh   

Crimped wire mesh is constructed of wires that have been crimped prior to weaving them together in a loom. Crimping the wires before weaving provides stability and consistency in larger spaced wire mesh. Various crimping styles have been developed over the years to improve manufacturing efficiencies, function, and aesthetics.

Plain Crimp Mesh                    Intercrimp Mesh                   Flat Top Crimp Mesh   

Lock Crimp Mesh                     Slot Hole Crimp Mesh

crimped mesh.jpg 

Knitted wire mesh

Knitted wire mesh is produced by special weaving machines, use metal or non-metal wire as raw material, knitting monofilament or multifilament wire into a tubular form. There are three common types of knitted wire mesh  

knitted mesh.jpg